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It shall be the purpose of the Student Senate to serve as the overall policy group on campus, and shall encourage all activities pertaining to student life within its jurisdiction, and to serve as an intermediate body between the students, faculty, administration, and trustees.

Joseph Petrick, VP of Student Life
Ryan Ihrke, Director of Student Involvement 
Executive Board:   


President: Jude Chisom Erondu

Vice President: Matthias Baudinet
 Treasurer: Ahniyah-Hiwot Kebede
Secretary:Katie Best
 Director of IT: Meesuka Morelus 
Director of Publicity: Simon James
Director of Fundraising:Lian Kariuki
Director of Facilities: Carl Diethelm
Director of Civic Engagement: Titania Green
Commuter Representative: Alexander Krasutsky
 Senior Class Representative: Kaitlyn Lawrence
Junior Class Representative: Salima Mahamoudou
Sophomore Class Representative: Andrea Silvestri
 Freshman Representative: Lily Bergstein
Killington Representative: TBD

Student Senate News

Student Government Constitution
Student Government Association Constitution.pdf (.pdf, 72K)
SGA Election
Student Senate Election Form (.doc, 279K)
Student Senate Election By-Laws (.doc, 55K)
Senate Request Form (.docx, 29K)
Meeting Agendas
Student Senate Agenda 2/2/14 (.doc, 17K)
Student Senate Agenda 2/9/14 (.doc, 24K)
Student Senate Agenda 2/16/14 (.doc, 17K)
Student Senate Agenda 2/23/14 (.doc, 17K)
Student Senate Agenda 3/2/14 (.doc, 17K)
Student Senate Agenda 3/23/14 (.doc, 18K)
Student Senate Agenda 3/30/14 (.doc, 18K)
Student Senate Agenda 4/6/14 (.doc, 17K)
Student Senate Agenda 4/13/14 (.doc, 17K)
Student Senate Agenda 4/27/14 (.doc, 17K)
Student Senate Agenda 5/4/14 (.doc, 17K)
Student Senate Agenda 9/14/14 (.docx, 14K)
Student Senate Agenda 9.21.14 (.docx, 14K)
Senate Agenda October 5th 2014 (.docx, 13K)
Senate Agenda October 19 2014 (.docx, 14K)
Senate Agenda 9.28.14 (.docx, 14K)
Student Senate Agenda 11.16.14 (.docx, 13K)
Student Senate Agenda 12.7.14 (.docx, 15K)
Student Senate Agenda 1.25.15 (.docx, 13K)
Meeting Minutes
Student Senate Minutes 1/26/14 (.doc, 48K)
Student Senate Minutes 2/2/14 (.doc, 48K)
Student Senate Minutes 2/9/14 (.doc, 51K)
Student Senate Minutes 2/16/14 (.doc, 51K)
Student Senate Minutes 3/2/14 (.doc, 52K)
Student Senate Minutes 3/23/14 (.doc, 53K)
Student Senate Minutes 3/30/14 (.doc, 49K)
Student Senate Minutes 4/6/14 (.doc, 53K)
Student Senate Minutes 4/13/14 (.doc, 53K)
Student Senate Minutes 9.21.14 (.docx, 54K)
Senate Meeting Note October 5th (.docx, 13K)
Student Senate Minutes 9.21.14 (.docx, 54K)
Student Senate Minutes 10.26.14 (.docx, 14K)
Meeting Minutes 11/2/14 (.docx, 14K)
Student Senate Minutes 11.9.14 (.docx, 17K)
Student Senate Minutes 11.2.14 (.docx, 16K)
Student Senate Minutes 11.16.14 (.docx, 15K)
Student Senate Minutes 12.7.14 (.docx, 14K)
Student Senate Meetings 1.25.15 (.docx, 15K)
Senate Minutes 2.1.15 (.docx, 16K)
Senate Minutes 2.8.15 (.docx, 15K)
senate minutes 1.15.15 (.docx, 15K)
Senate Minutes 2.22.15 (.docx, 14K)
Student Senate Minutes 3.1.15 (.docx, 14K)
Senate minutes 3.30.15 (.pdf, 131K)
Judicial Review Board
Judicial Review Board Application (.doc, 32K)
Senate budgets
Spring budget 2012-2013 (.xls, 336K)
as of 4/24/13
SGA Master Budget Spring 2015 (.xls, 407K)

Spring 2015 - SGA master budget

Fall budget 2013/14 (.xls, 313K)
as of 12/4
Spring budget 13-14 (.xls, 368K)
as of 5/7
SGA Master Fall Budget 12.15.14 (.xls, 300K)

as of December 15, 2014 

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