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It shall be the purpose of the Student Senate to serve as the overall policy group on campus, and shall encourage all activities pertaining to student life within its jurisdiction, and to serve as an intermediate body between the students, faculty, administration, and trustees.
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2016 - 2017 Student Senate Members

Executive Board:
President: Christina Guarin


Secretary: Chasidy Jaquith


Treasurer:Trey Bowman

 Vice President: Miranda Bailey-Russomano

Director of Civic Engagement: Ellen Sanders
Director of Facilities: 
Director of Diversity and Inclusion: Violet Neff
Director of IT: Naing Aung
Director of Community Involvement: Kailey Ware
Director of Publicity: 
Commuter Representative: Brenden Love
Killington Representative: TBD

Senior Class Representative: Lily Bergstein
Sophomore Class Representative: Shamim Amiri
Junior Class Representative:TBD
Freshman Representative:Cade Terada
Luke Krueger, Director of Residence Life
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Student Senate News

2015/2016 Goals & Accomplishments
- Advocating for greater LGBTQ inclusivity,
- Addressing Topics around Cultural Appropriation,
- Establishing a Wellness Committee,
- Re-establishing the Community Conduct Board,
- Financially supporting numerous campus initiatives (Delicate projects, voting registration, Internship in India, conferences..),
- Refurnished the Buttery Pool Table,
- Purchased New Dinning Room Flags,
- Amended the SGA Constitution adding a Director for Diversity and Inclusion,
- Re-branding of the SGA through a new logo, facebook page and media outlets,
- Increase public participation through public display of meeting Agenda,
- Liberation of the Smith Study Lounge,
- Give us more suggestions!!
Community Conduct Board
Asking for Funding
Student Government Constitution